APIKA weekly meeting 2016-12-08


  • Jarkko Moilanen, APIKA product owner
  • Taija Bj√∂rklund, APInf product owner

Open issues

  • Q: Who can add organizations to APIKA? A: Admins are allowed to add organizations. Admins then can add one or more organization managers.
  • Q: How to add APIs to organizations? API manager can suggest an API to an organization and organization manager can approve or reject.
  • Q: Where should APIs be connected to organization? This should not happen in the Add API form, but in the API profile (API settings). This keeps the Add API form simple, which is what it should be.

Other issues

  • Organization cards should contain number of connected APIs.
  • No need for bookmarking organizations. Organizations should definitely not be rated.
  • Organization managers will inherit API manager rights for any APIs that are connected to the organization.
  • It is ok to use email for adding organization managers.