2015-01-06 : Sprint 4 planning


Illya Nizyev

Damir Mustafin

Juuso Vallius

Vesa Harkonen

Taija Bjorklund

Brylie Christopher Oxley

Chandrashekar Challagonda


#78 Choose one charting option for our platform

#57 Get analytics data from API Umbrella database

#79 Implement design outlook in boilerplate project

#67 Create a catalogue view for APIs

#64 Get profile name when authenticating users via Github

#80 Display analytics data in chosen charting package

#69 Add API key field to user profile

#83 Determine how API Umbrella collects rate limiting data

#66 Determine how to add color schemas to Boilerplate UI

#73 Create a form for API definition based on API Umbrella UI

#68 Create a new API Umbrella user on Apinf sign-up

#82 Determine how to schedule actions in Meteor, e.g. simple cron

#84 Finish writing API Umbrella wrapper functions for REST package

#86 Demonstrate progress in a JavaScript learning framework

#87 Demonstrate progress in a Meteor learning course

#81 Create HTML mockups for user profile re-design

#77 Sync data between API Umbrella and our platform, via the REST interface.

#85 Choose Bootstrap 3 Material Design Library with Meteor integration