2015-04-21 Needs assessment meeting: minutes

  • Resources available:

    *   Brylie
    • Eric: Might be able to help with Ruby on Rails
    • Juuso
    • Taija (?)
    • Vesa (?)
  • Technologies to be used

    *   API Umbrella:
            *   Built with Ruby on Rails (server) and Angular.Js (client).
    *   Stack builct with Node.Js.
    *   We need documentation about the Developer portal API to be able to extend the API.
    *   Current assumption of implementation needs for existing support: API development + client development.
    • API development: Ruby on Rails and maybe Node.Js
    • Client-side development: de facto language is Javascript. Which framework? The selection can affect the product life-cycle and capabilites, also the expertise needed. (On the other hand, if the APIs are very good, client-side can be easily changed)
  • Tasks

    *   SW design: API and client > developer needed?
    • UX: Existing resources take care of this
          *   designing the UI and interaction, visual appearance
      • usability testing

Developer Task

Create a responsive dashboard layout with one or more graph/chart element(s). The element(s) should pull data from an open data API, such as Helsinki or Tampere. Demonstrate proficiency with one or more tools for Test Driven Design .