Sprint 61 Review Meeting Minutes

  • Date: 29.12.2017
  • Participants: Dasha, Matti, Illya, Vesa


Illya 3147 - eMQ dashboard overview design 3148 - eMQ dashboard details view design Illya has been mainly busy with finishing design of dashboard overview and details view for EMQ.

Matti 3293 - Resolve swagger schema validation error 3277 - Return id of duplicate API in post api duplicate error * In addition to these, mostly reviewing other PRs, giving support to Apitalists and participating searching the cause of Travis failure.


Security collections issues 1416, 1419, 1421, 1422, 1424, 1426 - make sure that permissions exist for these collections. Close issues and provide code 1418 - Users collection, add rules for "remove" action 1420 - ApiFlag collection, remove all code is related to ApiFlag module 1423 - APIs collection, update

UI improvements 3251 - Display message about adding/editing Metadata 3252 - Display the full API name on the card as tooltip title 3273 - A feedback reply. Fix the subscription function that a reactively updates and loads the actual data to Client side 3018 - Fix CSS style for dropdown menu 3213 - Social media icons in the Footer. Change UI on Branding page, change a structure in database 3227 - After adding API it redirects to API profile 3246, 3249 - Change logic of uploading API Logo, Project Logo, Project Cover that allows to not upload the invalid image and display a spinner in the process of uploading 3245 - Change logic of uploading Documentation file that allows to not upload the invalid file and does't display a file name * 3217, 3230 - Display a nessage about error (if Swagger file invalid) and turn off a spinner