APISTRAT conference session


TOPIC: APIOps & APItalist – builder backbone of IoT

In this session, one of the creators of above concept discusses the key components and values. You will learn why your organizations should apply APIOps practices and values to gain maximum from APIs driven business whether it's IoT or something else. This new concept will lower the learning curve to utilize APIs, minimizes man-made errors, helps to mimize development risks and costs, and maximizes your API customer satisfaction. Presentation is a story of how this concept was build so far and what is to come.

Fast API development together with customers

Web APIs, or more specifically REST APIs, are key for connecting devices to the Internet. Companies focusing on enabling fast API development together with customers and nearby interest groups will rule the IoT.

APIOps can be seen to extend DevOps

Just like DevOps can be seen as offspring or spinoff of Agile thinking, APIOps can be seen to extend DevOps to fulfil the needs of Application Interface and Internet of Things development (IoT).

Together APIOps and APItalist are winning combination

Together APIOps and APItalist are winning combination. APIOps alone does not do the trick. They are highly talented and trained API tech experts. They need the help of APItalist - the talent to create business plans and API-strategies. APItalist is the engine to create value.

Therefore we - APIOps community - foresee clear need for APIOps, a new breed of DevOps to support creation and maintenance of IoT driven ecosystem. Community is building around local APIops groups, which organize meetups. In addition we have initiated discussion to start APIOps and APItalist training in universities of applied sciences.