Leadership Team meeting

  • Date: 15.03.2017, 09:30 - 11:00
  • Participants:
  • Brylie
  • Chandra
  • Jarkko
  • Laura
  • Matti
  • Taija


We need to plan a weekly leadership team meeting.

There are a lot of new internal teams. - how do we schedule meetings? - how do we avoid spending too much time in meetings? - it is also important to realize that meetings serve a purpose - foster communication, understanding, decision making, inclusion - how do we strike the balance? - team leaders can decide own leadership style - overall company guidelines will be defined for reasonable leadership practices - team leaders can be responsible for team building - team members can open up more - be accepting of peoples' differences - personality - emotions - language - etc.

Teams / responsibilities

Project Management

  • manage roadmap
  • strategize new features
  • customer driven
  • may anticipate need


  • Integrity of product

External interface

  • Responding to customer needs
  • Articulating customer needs to internal teams

Design and marketing

  • distinguish APInf in marketplace
  • appeal to customer

Decisions and Actions

  • Meetings should take up no mre than 10% of hours
  • create a channel for each team
  • create a Tampere Welcome Guide
  • build a meeting schedule calendar
  • decide how often to meet
  • create a 'leadership team' channel
  • prepare goals for next sprint execution
  • each team can define description and roles
  • leadership team defines and aligns high level goals
  • create a skill chart for APInf
  • team leaders create lists of needed skills