2015-06-12 : Sprint 4 review



  • #88 Create schema for ApiUmbrellaUsers collection: merged to develop branch.
  • #89 Create ApiUmbrellaUsers collection: Demonstrated schema code on Github.
  • #84 Finish writing API Umbrella wrapper functions for REST package: Created Meteor package, global object apiUmbrellaWeb, v1 object that contains document endpoint, wrote a function for each of the methods, worked on documentation for apiUmbrella, got familiar with release management for packages/projects.
  • #80 Display analytics data in chosen charting package and #57 Determine how to get analytics data from API Umbrella database: Have now some answers from Nick Muerdter. Options based on the discussion with Nick to be figured out in Sprint 5 (new task).
  • #77 Sync API User data between API Umbrella and Apinf, via the REST interface


  • #83 Determine how API Umbrella collects rate limiting data: discussion on hackpad. Created page with form for rate limiting.
  • #67 Create a catalogue view for APIs catalog view: Created on a blank page with table, possible to insert data to the database from console.
  • #95 Determine how boilerplate dashboard menus work: meteor method "startup" that generates sidemenu. Demonstrated how to add a new item and how to change the icon for sidebar menu item.
  • #66 Determine how to add color schemas for Boilerplate UI: Collaboration with Illya Nizyev, Illya demonstrated along with his tasks.
  • #86 Demonstrate progress in a JavaScript learning framework: 2 tutorials in Khan Academy, Meteor for everyone course.


  • #103 Synchronize API Backends between API Umbrella and Apinf, using REST
  • #90 Create API Backend schema and collection. Visible on dashboard for future editing user info. Form created using autoforms based on schema.
  • #85 Choose Bootstrap 3 Material Design library with Meteor integration. Downloaded source code for material design library that overrides classnames and ids.
  • #79 Implement design outlook in boilerplate project. Needs to be cleaned up and going for pull request. Demonstration of redesigning apinf dashboard and other views
  • #81 Create HTML mockups for user profile re-design: 2 hours remaining to finish. Demo of tab view with material design.
  • #68 Create a new API Umbrella user on Apinf sign-up. Merged to develop and works.


  • #64 Get user info when authenticating with Github. Code is working and stores basic Github profile information (username and profile picture) in Users collection.
  • Discovered bug in Github authentication when user email is private. Created support request on Meteor Accounts-Github package.
  • #108 First and last name are required when creating a user on API Umbrella Web. Our system only collects email and password, so chose to populate the field with placeholder character.
  • 96 Found official chart.js package for Meteor. Added to project and created demonstration chart template.

  • #87 Read through some of Discover Meteor book in Russian.
  • #82 Found a scheduling package for Meteor (SyncedCron). Added basic schedule to startup.js
  • #69 Create API Umbrella Web user when user registers on Apinf. Store user details, including API key, in user collection.
  • Learning Meteor - followed Meteor todo list tutorial, added sorting functionality