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Common features

Determine whether a given solution supports common features, such as:

  • API list page
    • Browsing and searching
    • Metadata: categories
    • Sorting: relevant, recent, popular, my APIs
  • API detail page
    • Documentation (based on swagger 1.2)
    • Pricing: handled on the site (PCI)
    • Announcements
    • Overview
  • Add own API
  • Maturity
    • 10,000+ APIs
  • Development
    • 8 SDKs for You
    • Test API
  • Community
    • Bookmark APIs and Follow Developers
    • Community Issues and Reviews
    • Report broken API
    • Followers and Developers
  • Legal
    • Terms


Simple UI, clear navigation. Snapping menu is nice. No pagination.


A lot of APIs Quite some users already, so good metadata.


Search does not take into account semantics: recipes and cooking did not return results, food did. Search is in a strange location, not intuitive. No multiple tags can be selected. Some functionality does not work (well), feels a bit buggy