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Common features

  • API list page
    • Browsing and searching (search has keyword highlighted)
    • Pagination
    • Metadata: categories - a lot and multiselect
    • Sorting: category, updated
    • Last updated
    • Deprecated APIs (which are not included by default)
  • API detail page
    • Summary: owner, SSL, contact, # follower/devs
    • Documentation
    • Related APIs
  • Add own API
  • Maturity
    • 15,124 APIs (31/05/16)
  • Development
    • Sample code - links to articles
    • How-to
  • Community
    • Social media
    • Comments
    • Followers
    • Tracking APIs > watchlist
  • Legal
    • No info


List is in a tabular view, not in card view Tabbed info in detail view.


A lot of content - articles - with APIs linked to them. Mashups. Search works better because there is a lot more metadata.


No automated filter. When you apply a filter, you need to click the search button (of an empty searchbox, in a different widget). Some bugs (e.g. pagination, you can not remove sorting) How are results sorted by default? Is there a quality algorithm? No strong social aspect (followers data is not in the list) No uptime - quality of the API?

Documentation is horrible. Sample codes and how-to's are simple articles. E.g. The most popular API, first article links to a 2010 Not Found page: http://www.programmableweb.com/api/google-maps/source-code http://www.programmableweb.com/how-to/google-maps-api-javascript-get-local-search-results-google-source-code http://www.webmonkey.com/2010/02/get_local_search_results_with_google_maps_and_a...

No testing interface, sandbox.

You can not get keys

Inactive community? Comments are pretty old.