Sprint 29 Review Meeting


  • Brylie
  • Nazia
  • Sandhya
  • Ville
  • Taija

Task Review


  • 1020 Setting for API visibility API Backend

  • Finalizing the task: fixing console errors, ironing edge cases like visibility for bookmarked APIs
  • 1091 Design API backend schema, #1379 Update Add API wizard

  • Add API wizard removed, API added to Catalog with a small form
  • All proxy backend related settings removed collection, schema and API settings tab
  • APIs cannot be connected to APIs at the moment
  • Worked also on reorganizing project structure


  • Integrate SDK download to Documentation tab: ongoing


  • 1393 Wireframe for API Proxy Add & Edit UI

  • Wireframe for SDK download


  • 1378 Design Proxies collection and schema, #1383 UI for adding or editing API proxy

  • Sidebar added for different settings, new view added for Proxies, only API Umbrella supported


  • 1388 Plan & test MongoDB database migration from 2.x to 3.x

  • Nightly upgraded to 3.x, WiredTiger engine
  • Update scripts shared to Shaliko
  • 1375 Data migration strategy

  • Based on the investigation, percolate:migrations selected as package for database migrations
  • 1406 Test database migration with percolate:migrations

  • Sample migration done for isPublic field, closed without merging due to multiproxy changes to collections
  • 1378, #1383: Finalising Damir's tasks on Proxies

  • Investigating Swagger authentication case