2015-07-10 : Sprint 6 review


Damir Mustafin

Illya Nizyev

Juuso Vallius

Taija Bjorklund

Task review

Illya Nizyev

  • 199 - resolving materialise issues after meteor-admin damir merged & reviewed by brylie. demo. removed sidebar and moved all links to the navbar. botwatch css framework

  • 171 - creating publications and subscriptions. still not done. users can not add anything to database.

  • 169 - scode style guide on hackpad. each template own style file.

  • 167 - to remove roles filed from user profile page. there is related pull request. this task has own branch.

  • 115 - resolved how to add help block to a form fields. demo and code example

  • 114 - Customizing api backend autoform. demonstration how it looks. adding api page

  • 72 - have not enough time to start this task because of sickness

Juuso Vallius

  • 179 - smtp, set up and working. did not write automated tests since had some issues with server. there is a need to create separate config file or extend existing settings.json - and keep there passwords and keys used for mailgun.

  • 176 - adding bookmarks Api functionality to API catalog view.

  • 189 - pre-release automated deployment. How it works: from /develop branch the code -> to jenkins server (out dev server) -> mup server <- nightly.apinf.com, stable.apinf.com

  • API Umbrella

Taija Bjorklund

  • 172 - choose project versioning schema. semantic versioning. made first initial release. releases every monday mornings.

Brylie Christopher Oxley

  • 195 - bug that interfered with Juuso’s tasks. still in progress

  • 185 - bug. collection hooks package conflicts. done

  • 186 -

  • 30 - documentation browser, swagger file, frame - done

Damir Mustafin

  • 180 Email mandatory field

    *   Not able to authenticate if email is not set when registering
    • Email validity is chekced with RegEx
  • 126 Choose unit and functional testing framework

    *   Decided: Jasmine
  • 162 Automatically generate labels on dashboard charts

    *   Easier to track the traffic
  • 164 Parameterize chart methods to allow querying

  • 165 Make dashboard chart functions more object oriented

    *   A cleanup task
    • To make code management more easier
  • 184 Implement REST query on ElasticSearch

    *   Implemented
  • Bug #192: STDERR

    *   Documented how to solve: Pull latest commit from develop. Add a class to                 settings.json