Review minutes for Sprint 15 - (meeting date: 2015-11-06)

Members present

  • Brylie Oxley
  • Ville Jyrkkä
  • Damir Mustafin
  • Illya Nizyev
  • Taija Björklund


#74 Custom branding

  • Can now update logo
  • Use Admin LTE themes as branding options
  • Currently not working
    • Admin LTE package difficulties
  • Will continue next sprint

ApiOps meetup page

  • Used Meteor platform example with modifications

Settings page

  • Waiting on refactor of brylie:meteor-api-umbrella
  • Suggests moving all settings to same page (with navigation menu)


#519 API Rating

  • PR is open
  • Implemented 4 star rating system
  • Users need to 'lean' one way or the other
  • No 'meh' ratings
  • Aggregated rating show when user has no rating
  • Also shows aggregate rating count as badge
  • User rating shows when available
  • May need to be refactored to remove duplicate code
  • Uses jQuery Rate It widget
  • May need to add sorting capabilities later
  • Users may want to sort by highest rating, for example


#566 default response header field

  • Added field(s) as separate schemas
  • Added fields to AutoForm

Merged PRs, familiarization with code

Ville also focused on learning the code base. He helped with PRs.


#466 copy API key to clipboard

  • Added Clipboard.js to project
  • Wrote template logic to
  • insert copy button
  • get api key from DOM
  • save API key to clipboard

#566 Download logs via CSV

  • Added button to dashboard
  • Template logic to
  • get analytics from charts
  • parse to CSV
  • open save dialogue on user computer
  • Currently downloads filtered results
  • Plan for additional feature to download all logs, including selecting fields

#517 REST calls through API Umbrella

  • Deferred to next sprint