This document contains the general roadmap of the Apinf project. It is organized by milestone, with a general section for roadmap tasks not yet assigned to any specific milestone.

Minimum viable product

The initial public unveiling will take place at Mindtrek 2015 . This unveiling should contain all features outlined in our Minimum Viable Product document. In the project backlog, the MVP issues are labeled with Minimum viable product label.


This section contains features that have been identified, but are not part of MVP.

Interface/content customization

Users should be able to customize the following aspects of our platform:

  • Dashboard layout
  • Dashboard content
  • Landing page (customization) for companies
  • Possibility for creating custom widgets (i.e. widget sharing community)
  • Upload own logo
  • Choose own colors
  • As API creator predefine dashboard layout for API users


  • RAML or Swagger support


  • SSO as separate service


  • search, or strategic partnership

Features for API consumers

  • Custom API's
  • Create a contact or message form for feedback to API administrators
  • Code examples
  • API sandbox functionality

API usage control

  • Define limits to API usage by user, by location, by time

API lifecycle management

  • Features or parts of lifecycle to be defined