Social media tools and practices

The idea of this document is to compare different free tools that are used to manage social media accounts.

This document will also contain the information about the projects practices in regards to social media outreach.

Social media tools audit


  • Features in the screenshot

  • ![]( com 2015-05-18 15-36-32.png)


  • Ability to manage multiple twitter, facebook, fan pages and linkedin accounts.

  • Free


  • Free and open source

  • Lots of features

  • Has to be installed on own server


  • Look to post events around the development process.
  • Positive atmosphere is key to success in the posts
  • Use language that engages the reader.
  • Images from everyday office life.
  • Shorten the urls using services like or
  • Schedule the posts to be published on the best time for social media. (Graph: )

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