Audit Template

This template is designed to provide a simple to use template when auditing the different products. You may want to look into following things:


General background information about the product and the company behind it.

Common features

Determine whether a given solution supports common features, such as:

  • Analytics - visual display of API metrics, such as latency, number of requests, etc.
  • Availability - ensure API is running to meet SLAs, handle errors, offer fallback for failure
  • Community - involving community members in the API planning and management process. E.g. roadmap. backlog, feedback
  • Deployment - options for deploying and managing the platform. E.g. Docker, SaaS, etc.
  • Documentation - support for displaying and browsing API documentation
  • Load management - handle API traffic, including rate limiting and load balancing
  • Monetization - support for financial streams, billing, and other API business models
  • Sandboxing - allow people to test the API endpoints without any additional software
  • Security - support for authentication and authorization. E.g. sign-in, permissions, roles
  • Testing - test API endpoints, data structure, etc. to make sure it conforms to expectations
  • Transformation - ability to map, or transform, data between sources. E.g. rewrite request/response data.

Licensing & Openness

How is the product licensed? What price point does it fall into? Is the product open source? What are the tools for community involvement?

Type of product

Is the product a proxy, agent or a hybrid? What can you find about the technology behind the manager?

Lifecycle management

Is the tool only a manager or does it have features that cater for other parts of API lifecycle. How does it work? What other features does it have?

Programming languages / technologies

Which programming language(s) / technologies does the product base on?


If possible provide a screenshot of the UI and some additional information about usability and design.


What are the strengths of this particular product? What can we learn from this product?


What features were not so good in the product?