Social media strategy


What do we want achieve with social media?

  • reach
  • visibility
  • credibility
  • community building and culture/identity
  • channel for feedback
  • customer service / interaction
  • increase traffic to web site


Who is our target audience? Which platforms our customers and leads are using?

Based on these questions, I have selected three different medias; Twitter, Facebook and


  • APInf_Suomi
  • Outreach in Twitter is more like marketing the other channels or linking articles/hackpad/etc.
  • Hashtags #API


  • Laura is admin, all the others are editors. Rights are basically the same, Laura just is able to change the "roles"
  • Relaxed, human touched feeling in posts, not so serious or fact-based updates required every time.
  • Posts about twice a week



Content strategy

Ratio between non-promotional and promotional content should be around 80/20.

More information sharing, data, articles, "office life" and less selling and pure marketing.

Mission statement of the profile? Business strategy?





Metrics how to measure success?Tools? Analytics? Tracking?


Editorial calendar

Title Author Topic Date Publish Time Image Publishing channels
One more sprint finished! How did sprint 5 go, what we achieved? 26.62015 15.00 Screen shot Facebook, Twitter
Our MVP will be launched in September at Mindtrek Openmind. Stay tuned!

External resources

The following resources may prove useful guides for social media outreach.


  • Look to post events around the development process.
  • Positive atmosphere is key to success in the posts
  • Use language that engages the reader.
  • Images from everyday office life.
  • Shorten the urls using services like or
  • Schedule the posts to be published on the best time for social media. (Graph: )