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Benchmarking the sites of API management products

  • Apigee Edge
  • The page dedicated to Apigee Edge presents all the features of Edge: designing, securing, scaling, publishing, visualisizing, monetizing and comparing API's. All features have their own section on the page, available from the sidebar.

    What I liked:

    • diagrams of the product, particularly the one at the top of the page > make the page very visual and uncluttured
    • downloadable material (books and pdfs) that demonstrates their expertise on APIs
    • having separate sections for each feature
    • sidebar: easy access to all sections
    • Next steps: link to demo and sign-up

    What I don't like

    • The page is too long
    • Link to demo and sign-up only at the bottom of the page, should be sooner
    • The video
    • Too many different visual elements or styles on the same page > cleaner style would appear more modern

    Here are example of the content per feature:

    • Top of the page

      *   Heading: _Intelligent API Management._
      • Manage, secure, scale and analyze your APIs with Apigee Edge

      • Contains an overall picture of Edge

    • Design & Develop

      *   Heading: _Design and Develop Better APIs… Fast! _
      • Enable agile API development and maintain secure reliable back-end operations

      • Contains a diagram of API platform together with backend system and text about their relationship

      • 3 expandable text boxes about modernizing APIs (e.g. SOAP to REST conversion), mobile-ready services and creating new services.
    • Security

      *   Heading: _API Security at all Points of Engagement_
      • API and data security, threat protection, regulatory compliance & identity management

      • Contains a video about security and compliance and a list of supported technologies or policies

      • Downloadable e-book about API security
      • 3 expandable text boxes about PCI and HIPAA compliance, cloud security and bot protection
    • Scale

      *   Heading: _Deploy & Scale your APIs With Ease_
      • Cloud scale, global presence, centralized management

      • Text aboutb APIs needing to be available 24/7

      • Diagram about having the application in company's own cloud or in apigee cloud
      • Downloadable pdf file about API deployment model
      • 3 expandable text boxes about achieving cloud scale, going global and api-first management
    • Publish

      *   Heading: _Engage Developers Internally and Externally_
      • You could have the best APIs in the world, but what if no one used it?

      • Text about developer portals and picture of either reference or sample developer portals

      • Downloadable e-book: Developers hate marketing
      • 3 expandable text boxes about interactive api documentation, self service and CMS
    • Analyze

      *   Heading: _Comprehensive Visibility with API Analytics_
      • Measure and analyze API traffic through automatic and continuous data collection

      • Animation about API analytics / visualization

      • Bulleted list of API analytics features (Performance, latency, and error analysis, App and developer adoption, Geo and device distribution, Custom reports and API analytics, One minute data aggregation)
      • Downloadable analytics datasheet
      • Link to a video about Apigee's approach to analytics
      • analytics being ready to use, metrics and analytics flexibility and availability of fine-grained analysis
    • Monetize

      *   Heading: _Profit from the API Economy_
      • Innovate and iterate on new business models with your APIs

      • Text about out-of-box pricing models

      • Diagram about pricing models
      • Downloadable pdf file about API monetization
      • 3 expandable text boxes about experimenting with monetization / business models, being able to bill globally and tracking usage limits
    • Compare

      *   Heading: _Compare Apigee Edge Products_
      • Launch like a startup, scale like an enterprise

      • Diagram and text presenting different versions of Edge

      • Link to a comparison of features of different product versions
      • 3 expandable text boxes
            *   Speed and simplicity (free trial), link to sign-up
        • Proven API management, link to online demo
        • Scales with your success, link to feature comparison

    Screenshot from the top section of the page:

    ![](https://hackpad-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/apinf.hackpad.com_CVfSbN1cMk2_p.363414_1434454860982_apigee screenshot_1.png)

  • 3scale
  • The 3scale frontpage is divided into several sections, which you can reach by scrolling down (no separate navigation)

    • Header contains a horizontal navigation bar and links to search, login and support.
    • Top of page contains a cover photo of traffic with the text _Take control of your API's. _There is also a button for creating a free account and on option to toggle between 4 cover photos with texts and action buttons.
    • Second section contains brief introductions about why should one select 3scale and how it works (plus links to these pages. It also contains information about access /pricing, performance and partners and links to relevant pages.
    • Third section contains examples of partners, links to recent posts and events and a featured API.
    • Fourth section is a "call-for-action" section with a button for creating an account.
    • Footer contains links to different parts of the homepage and to social media.

    ![](https://hackpad-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/apinf.hackpad.com_CVfSbN1cMk2_p.363414_1434534954653_3scale screenshot_1.png)

    Wishlist for frontpage

    APInf homepage should contain the following elements:

    • product logo: top left corner
    • product name and mission statement: below logo
    • cover photo: top of page
    • Login button and Register link: top right corner
    • Features for both API users and API owners: below cover photo. The pics act either as links to relevant sections on a feature page or open pop-ups with further descriptions. (This depends also on the content of the following section.)
    • Description of functionality/offering with screenshot(s): below feature lists. This could be a dynamic images that change/slide automatically and that can alternatively be scrolled.
    • Buttons for potential next steps e.g. Register, Learn more: below feature description
    • Social media links: bottom left corner
    • Sign in link: bottom right corner
    • Join community link: bottom right corner. Link leads to Developer community page or equivalent.

    See below for an initial idea of the page elements.

    ![](https://hackpad-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/apinf.hackpad.com_CVfSbN1cMk2_p.363414_1437119704904_APInf front page_v3.png)