Review minutes for Sprint 21: 2016-01-29


  • Brylie Oxley
  • Illya Nizyev
  • Damir Mustafin
  • Taija Björklund
  • Vesa Härkönen


#522 URL Matchers alignment issue on View API Backend page

  • Completed together with View API backend re-write. Closed.

#781 "Edit API Settings" button should not show for unauthorized users

  • Closed.

#785 Method for switching UI language

  • Collaborative effort with Ville.
  • Language switching functionality is available, but if the language is switched when dashboard is active, table headers can't be refreshed.
  • In progress.

#786 Cleanup _config file to remove unused parameters; deprecate if possible

  • In progress.
  • Several new issues created based on this task.

#787 Determine how to set the site title tag dynamically from the settings collection

  • In progress.


#792 Add setting to settings page

  • Includes a method for getting a single setting.
  • Can be used as a template for other optional settings.
  • Closed.


#789 Text overflow in left menu

  • Solved by adding word wrapping support.
  • Closed.

#768 Enable translation for apiBackend form hints

  • Closed.

#756 APIKA front page branding

  • Collaborative effort with Ville and Brylie.
  • A step toward having more unified LAF and also making re-branding easier.
  • Along wi th front page changes contained re-branding settings, CSS cleanup and organization.
  • Altogether 99 commits.
  • Closed.


#518 Implement API backlog

  • Backlog available in tab view.
  • Closed.

#758 Enhance usage instructions for API

  • API key added dynamically to the usage instruction.
  • Closed.

#744 Create one automated test case

  • In progress

#774 Merge CoverPhoto and ProjectLogo to use shared collection

  • In progress