Review minutes for Sprint 19: 2015-12-31

Members present

  • Brylie Oxley
  • Damir Mustafin
  • Ville Jyrkkä
  • Taija Björklund
  • Vesa Härkönen


#628 Re-design adding new API UI

  • Simple wizard for adding API backends. Contains three steps, showing only most essential fields.
  • Done and merged.

#713 Make sure backend changes are sent to API Umbrella and auto published

  • In progress.


#631 Automated deployment

  • Automated deployment from develop branch to
  • Done and merged. (#696 also closed with the same PR)

#480 Test adding and using a SOAP API

  • Both adding a SOAP API and calling one has been tested with Apinf UI.
  • Screencaptures added to issue.
  • Done.


#684 Design keyword based search for frontpage

  • Keyword-based search designed and implemented. Search box available on catalog page, even if user is not logged in.
  • Done and merged.

#687 Implement database query and view for showing latest API

  • View shown on separate route for the time being. Route to be removed once this will be added to frontpage.
  • PR open.
  • Possible to change logo and colour theme.
  • Enhancement task for changing site title required.
  • Originally developed by Illya. Damir completed the task (file checks and logo in div).
  • PR open.


#691 Set up i18n translation interface

  • OneSky service selected to be used for localisation of Apinf. (Free for open source projects.)
  • Changes required to exporting and importing i18n json file. See task #692.
  • First translations into Finnish available in OneSky.
  • Closed.