Sprint 43 Sprint Review Meeting

Date and time: 2017-05-26 13:00-14:00 (EET)

Participants: Taija, Nazia, Illya, Brylie, Matti


  • Brylie has been mainly doing bugfixes, hotfixes an so on.

Issue 2513 Make final development decision regarding REST framework


  • Some minor problems, which were solved.

Issue 2556 Create a small project for data aggregation


  • Elastic search taken in use successfully.
  • Brylie told that he had learned a lot about using JavaScript with ElasticSearch and about synchronizing operations.
  • Brief mention about new features in JS: promises and async-await structure, which Brylies sees as promising prospect.
  • Also learned a lot of API Umbrella's way of handling data.

  • Next step is to choose to select which charting library to take in use. At the moment best candidates being

  • dc.js (https://dc-js.github.io/dc.js/) and
  • nvd3 (http://nvd3.org/).


  • Ilja have been very busy with his studies, however he has been able to implement some issues also.

2493: Frontpage statistics misaligned


  • APIs title text misplaced in footer. Corrected with html paragraph tag. Brylie preferred using style in correction.

2602 Add proxy enhancements


  • Added some hints for filling input fields.

2603 Check if subscription is ready


  • In progress.

2557 Design options for dashboard


  • Proposed change to DoD: should be clarified, what customer will want.
  • Ilja presented outlook of new wireframe of dashboard for API owner, elements on screen and their contents. Some of the issues in presentation caused a lively discussion, opinions were presented about outlook and contents.


2557 Design options for dashboard


Some open questions still: which data to display at which point how many charts to be seen at a time * where to locate dashboard/API profile

  • During lively debate Brylie wished also other ideas or dashboard lookout. Need of visualization was also discussed about.

40 Redesigning UI for editor and preview window


  • Nazia told about branding of and improvements in new swagger editor. It lead to lively discussion about preview (use or necessity of right side).
  • Nazia presented plans of editor layout UI.


2501 Develop Users API


  • Inherited from previous sprint.
  • Most of functionality is implemented, some of functionality described in swagger document can not be implemented, at least yet, because in document there are assumed some functionality, which does not exist, at least yet.

  • In addition to that also some minor reviews and merges.