2015-09-25 - Sprint 12 Review Meeting


Brylie Oxley

Illya Nizyev

Taija Björklund

Illya Nizyev

  • 462 Check Host section in Add API backend form

  • Closed. Swapped front end and back-end fields to match with API Umbrella
  • 454 Create screen captures for launch presentation

  • Closed.
  • 425 Move all non-required fields to hidden section on Add API Backend form

  • Documentation related items moved to a collapsible section.
  • 423 Registration confirmation email contains wrong domain name

  • Email changed from apinf.com to apinf.io.
  • Also fixed an issue with apinf.io certificate. Now the site should be shown on all browsers without a certificate warning.
  • 427 Add or edit help text for the fields of Add API Backend form

  • PR created, has a WIP tag. The placeholder (question mark) for help texts is there, but the texts should be defined with the help of the rest of the team.
  • 428 Add or edit help text for the fields of Add API Backend form

  • Currently the validation message explains what regex is checking for. PR available.
  • 426 Add user-confirmation on success when submitting Add API Backend form

  • In progress. Re-direct still needs to be implemented, otherwise this is already implemented. User confirmation is using SAlert package, which could be considered for other user notifications. PR to be created later.
  • 431 Add inline help to documentation link and documentation upload fields on Add API Backend form

  • Actual help text to be created, placeholder added. (see issue #427).

Brylie Oxley

  • 460 Plan workshop outline and topics

  • Workshop planned and held at the MindTrek 2015 event.
  • 457 Clean up API catalog

  • APIs added for testing purposes have been removed from the API catalog. To be closed.
  • Community portal has been created and organized into categories. All team members should register there. We also need to start creating content and take care of search engine optimization / discoverability.
  • 2 PR's created for API Umbrella, resolved together with API Umbrella lead developer Nick Muerdter
  • 179 Add community link to API Umbrella

  • 178 Basic Dockerfile from install instructions

Taija Björklund

  • 398 Create launch presentation

  • Completed. Presentation still needs to be added to outreach material.