2015-07-24 : Sprint 7 review

Sprint 7 review notes, organized by participant.

Brylie Christopher Oxley

  • Completed initial Apinf Administrator API design specification

    *   Worked through API Design whitepaper
  • Created API documentation file in Swagger format

    *   Used Swagger GUI tool
    • Created basic endpoints
    • Created basic data model
  • Worked with team members on various tasks throughout sprint

    *   Charts
    • Map
    • Publications/Subscriptions
    • Bookmarks

Taija Bjorklund

Illya Nizyev

  • Bookmark buttons

    *   Pair programming with [Damir Mustafin](/ep/profile/mBLmVlL59Yq) and [Brylie Christopher Oxley](https://www.openhub.net/accounts/brylie)
    • Created button with toggle state
    • Created bookmark toggle method on server
  • Swagger upload

    *   Added upload button to API Backend form
            *   created upload event to handle file
    *   Created Filesystem collection to store Swagger files
  • Dashboard makeover with Admin LTE

    *   Added navigation menu
            *   links to key features
    *   Added user photo to top navbar
  • Created 404 template for project

    *   Shows in master template
  • Converted some CoffeeScript files to JavaScript, where relevant

    *   Making sure we use JavaScript in any file we modify
    • Slowly converting our codebase
  • Re-direct to sign-in page for routes requiring authentication

    *   Created router action
    • added action to router onBeforeAction

Juuso Vallius

  • Map

    *   Currently have to force update to render map properly
    • Created basic map template with base layer
    • Created basic map route
    • Added heatmap to route
          *   shows geolocation by user IP
  • API Usage logs table

    *   Created static data table
            *   pagination
    *   search
  • Automated deployment

    *   Manually deployed with Mup, but had problems
    • Had to re-create deployment server, worked with Illya Nizyev
    • Determined it is not yet necessary to automate deployment, at least since we have no functional tests to run
    • Configured Jenkins server with Aseem Shakuntal
    • Automatically generate configuration files using Jenkins

Damir Mustafin

  • Charts

    *   Converted dashboard to DC.js, so that charts are integrated on dashboard (with [Brylie Christopher Oxley](https://www.openhub.net/accounts/brylie) )
    • added loading state indicator to dashboard
    • Dashboard has responsive design
    • Added filtering widgets along top of charts
    • Added error message when data is not available
  • Reset password

    *   Configured Mailgun
    • Tested reset-password link
  • Parse API Configuration files

    *   convert YAML configuration files to JSON
    • Insert into MongoDB