2015-08-17 : Sprint 10 planning

Sprint 10: 17 - 28 August

Overview: community building activities, final touches to UI


Aseem Shakuntal

Brylie Christopher Oxley

Damir Mustafin

Laura Ekman

Taija Bjorklund

Task assignment

361 Create texts for minihackathon portal and mails

360 Create minihackathon portal with registration form

377 Create presentation about Apinf

379 Create non-technical diagram about Apinf

372 Fix API catalogue table columns

322 Refresh heatmap when data is returned from ElasticSearch

326 Add view for user management

287 Using Meteor roles, hide privileged sections of the dashboard from non-privileged users.

332 Design function that informs user about API status

334 Implement privileges for all apiBackends publication

323 Create an export functionality for single API backend configuration

370 Add edit button to APIs displayed in My Managed APIs view

369 Add route permission for editing api backend

351 Add a method for selecting relevant Swagger file to Documentation browser

364 Organise brainstorming about hackathon challenge

376 Organise brainstorming about Mindtrek workshop

366 Rename swaggerConfiguration collection to apiDocumentation

368 Unify the Edit API and Add API forms

375 Install community platform

354 Re-direct user to dashboard after logging in from frontpage

373 Check whether it is possible to autogenerate code snippets via API docs