Review minutes for Sprint 16 - (meeting date: 2015-11-20)

Members present

  • Brylie Oxley
  • Ville Jyrkkä
  • Damir Mustafin
  • Illya Nizyev
  • Taija Björklund
  • Laura Ekman
  • Vesa Härkönen


#368 Unify the Edit API and Add API forms

  • Done, pull request to be sent
  • Now there is only one template

Other tasks this week

  • APIOps page (regarding meetups)
  • Wireframes for Digipalvelutehdas proposal


#597 Presentation material for Apika info session

  • Presentation topics are clear and listed in waffle comments
  • Continues in the sprint 17


#592Benchmark open source project websites

  • 4 different websites explored and findings in Hackpad
  • Conclusion is, that we need clear intro, introduction of community member, easy-access-joining/contributing.

#578 Invalid redirects to Privacy policy and Terms of use

  • Continues in the sprint 17
  • Two link in the Hackpad for suitable reference privacy policies.


#513 Determine why LESS import from /packages/ directory causes build error on Meteor 1.2 branch

  • Labels for low hanging fruit

#541 Design reply functionality to communication channel

  • Comments in bootstrap pannel, heading, comment, footer, user name, time stamp

#542 Design public API feedback voting

  • feedback voting collection done

#591 Refactor project to use updated Meteor apiUmbrellaWeb package.

  • Worked with Mauricio, PR open still.
  • Challenging learning experience


#631 Automated deployment

  • enabled automatic installation of builds using Travis CI



  • meteor upgraded

#343 Design UI for managing API backend managers

  • wireframes added
  • add new manager, managers view

#517 REST calls through API Umbrella

  • Created meteor-package for SwaggerUI.