Available EMQ elasticsearch data for dashboard charts


Field Type Availability Description
date String Yes timestamp
type String Yes log type
username String Yes username
topic_table Object Depends on log type List of topics to subscribe to
topic_and_opts Object Depends on log type Topic and options
reason String Depends on log type Reason for session terminate
message Object Depends on log type Message send via publish

type string possible options:

  • on_client_connected
  • on_client_disconnected
  • on_client_subscribe
  • on_client_unsubscribe
  • on_session_created
  • on_session_subscribed
  • on_session_unsubscribed
  • on_session_terminated
  • on_message_publish
  • on_message_delivered
  • on_message_acked

message object contents:

  • from - String - username
  • qos - Integer - a number that represents a Quality of Service level which defines the guarantee of the message delivery
  • retain - Boolean - determines if the message will be saved by the broker for the specified topic as a last known good value.
  • topic - String - Topic name to publish message to
  • dup - Boolean - indicates that that the message is a duplicate and is resent due to other end not sending a message of acknowledgment.

topic_table object contents:

  • "topic_name" - Object
    • qos - Integer - Quality of Service level

topic_and_opts object contains:

  • opts - Object - Options
    • qos - Integer - Quality of Service level
  • topic - String - Topic name