2015-08-14 : Sprint 9 review


Brylie Christopher Oxley

Damir Mustafin

Juuso Vallius

Taija Bjorklund

Laura Ekman

Chandra Challagonda

Task review

Damir Mustafin

  • #347 Create route for editing an existing API Backend
    • A replica of already existing task
    • Adds ability to edit already existing API

  • #288 Add overview dashboard layout
    • Added overview chart that enables the user to see more wide range of dates

  • #279 Autopopulate API backend configuration form
    • Fills in the configuration form when user uploads a configuration file

  • #181 Filter the chart to show a give user's API usage
    • Fine polishing the query to filter the data according to the user API key

  • #329 Add service monitoring endpoint to Apinf infrastructure
    • Adds route /status where the user can see the status of Apinf web app, API umbrella and Elasticsearch
    • The view lets the user know are the services up or not

  • #215 Parse API configurations
  • -

  • #322 Refresh heatmap when data is returned from ElasticSearch
    • Almost done
    • Was more difficult than expected since the dataset is so wide
    • baselayer was down, so hotfix was created in order to render the basemap

  • #324 Importing single API-backend configuration
    • Almost done, just needs a file system structure to be changed

  • #332 Design function that informs user about API status
    • Perhaps append it into the existing tabular table?
    • Same approach to /status (see #329)
    • One solution is to extend backend schema
    • Another one is to send http or icmp queries to the API

    Note: Brylie assigned to task #326 in order to free up time for Damir to finish off his important tasks.

    Brylie Christopher Oxley

  • #325 Add Managers field to API backend schema
    • Created sub menus for API backends: 'add api backend' and 'manage api backend'
    • "My managed apis" shows more information about the api

  • #177 Add new APIS to API-Umbrella
    • brylie:api-umbrella had a bug in version 2.8, that needed to be updated
    • Creates added API in Api-Umbrella

  • #334 Implement privileges for all apiBackends publication
    • Needs polishing and a PR, almost done

    Taija Björklund

  • #317 Organize Hackathon brainstorming session
    • Collected ideas of the session in a document
    • Plan is to have a one day mini-hackathon
    • Small event enables us to practice how to organize bigger events
    • Ideally before Mindtrek
    • Further details in the Minihackathon document

  • #328 Create Apinf system model diagram
    • Diagram to be added to Github repository (docs/developers)
    • Suggested by Chandra: Make another document without technical information

    Juuso Vallius

  • #330 Add API design UI that generates Swagger to Apinf infrastructure
    • No open source solutions available for creating a Swagger file with an easily understable UI (fields that need to be filled)
    • Swagger editor added to Apinf
    • Divided screen: editor and created Swagger document

  • #336 Choose code snippet generator
    • Requirements: open source, possible to integrate to web browser
    • Swagger editor creates a SDK as a zip file that can be downloaded
    • Acceptable for now, but for future we need to consider how to show only code snippets in the browser

  • #348 Move Bookmarks view into Catalog view
    • Bookmark view added, shown conditionally (i.e. only if user has bookmarked API backends)

  • #349 Create route and view to display an existing API Backend
    • To be solved: how to pull and display the data

  • #287 Using Meteor roles, hide privileged sections of the dashboard from non-privileged users
    • Blocked by other tasks