API Status notification to user

GitHub story: apinf/api umbrella dashboard#332

Ultimate goal is to show something like: https://dev.twitter.com/overview/status (see screenshot below)

Current solution proposal:

Determine how we can inform users about API status (As an end user):

  • Good to know if the API server is up and running
  • What is the ping timeout for the server
  • Is the API accessible (at least, returning me 403)

My current proposal is that we show something like the above screenshot where we take care of only two information;

  1. Is the service available
  2. What is the response time / performance of the service

Definition of "alive" and "down":

  • alive

    *   Is UP (check: isup.me or isitup.org); simple JavaScript implementation (e.g. using jQuery OR XMLHttpRequest)
    • Uptime: last 24hrs (future implementation)
    • http://jsfiddle.net/GSSCD/203/ (to check ping status)
  • down

    *   Does not respond to ping
    • Web domain does not respond

taija, brylie: please check the above proposal. More study is still required and I will post updates.