2015-10-23 - Sprint 14 Review Meeting


Illya Nizyev

Laura Ekman

Taija Björklund

Ville Jyrkkä

Illya Nizyev

  • 70 Implement communication channel between developers and API admins

  • Huge and challenging task.
  • Started with research, what is available
  • topic - message - message type - submit -> done
  • In progress. 5 hours more to finish (answering to comment and other small things)
  • 327 Create a settings page for Apinf configuration options

  • (changed tasks with Damir)
  • visually done
  • Open - how to import settings into schema? Will contact creator.
  • Open - ow to start Meteor without settings file?
  • Open - How to prioritize backlog
  • In progress. Will start making digital form today
  • 427 & #431

  • Merged pr's from last sprint (help text when adding API)
  • closed
  • 527 reviewed

  • closed

Ville Jyrkkä

  • 535 Problems installing local development environment, improve documentation regarding API Umbrella

  • problems setting up the development environment (if you don't have ubuntu)
  • Vagrant file for local installation for api umbrella for developers not running ubuntu.
  • In progress

Taija Björklund

  • 495 Create script and ideas for whiteboard explainer video

  • Ideas and guidelines are in hackpad
  • Script , texts and pics still need to be made. Illya promised to help.
  • In progress.

Damir Mustafin

  • 76 Create API testing functionality in documentation browser from sprint 13 closed

  • 517 Use API Umbrella for REST calls made through Swagger UI

  • (Changed tasks with Illya)
  • In progress

Mauricio Vieira

  • 357 Inform user of API Umbrella errors when submitting API Backends form

  • In progress