User Interview about Dashbaoard and Analytics Usage

User: TH Date: 20.06.2016

High Priority Requirements:

  • List of APIs owned
  • Status of API:
  • Good, Alert, Bad
  • [Green, Yellow, Red]
  • No. of errors associatesd (if any) --> as Overview information
  • Some comparison of usage from previous times: (last day, same day of last week, same day of last month, same day of last year, etc)
  • Overview Information:
  • Amount of Usage,
  • Average Response Time,
  • Errors (percentage of the overall requests),
  • Unique Users
  • User Information: URL (Referrer header, source header)L if not available: IP address
  • Context Awareness: API name is enough
  • HTTP Status: how many are 200 and how many are 400
  • Minimum unit of time: hours, with individual intervals
  • Default Analytics View: Weekly (negotiable)
  • Timeline as line plot
  • Timeline is more important than heatmap
  • Meaningful Timestamps

Good To have:

  • Chart: Aggregrated Overview, individual API Overview
  • Aggregrated information of usage about a single API key
  • Date picker for manual time range entry
  • Link to details about Unique Users and Average Response Times
  • individual control at timeline, table and heatmap to affect each other
  • Specific information about a single API User.