Sprint 40 Sprint Review Meeting

Date and time: 2017-04-13 13:00-14:00 (EET)

Participants: Illya, Brylie, Jawid, Matti, Taija, Laura


  • Experiment Monday: machine learning REST APIs, looking into flask implementations
  • PRs reviews and mentoring
  • Degrees of openness blogpost/book: ready for review and Medium posting
  • Publication bugfix


  • 2310 RSS feed: research was done; added NPM package

  • 2309: number of API's media: ready for review

  • Removed texts and updated statistics block


  • 2311: API pinning feature discussion; new implementation planned

  • 2317: organization settings consolidation finished and merged

  • 2375: APIs block is now the first block on the frontpage

  • $2373: Added transparent layer to cover photo of the frontpage


  • Research/bug fixing mostly: swagger related, API catalog performance
  • 2420, warning about HTTP in swagger viewer

  • 2438, metadata bug fixing and migration

  • PRs reviews and mentoring


  • 2424: fixed catalog misaligned bug

  • 2374: updated search box and button

  • 2371: added new navbar for mobile/tablet view

  • 2155: fixed mobile scale bug

  • PRs review and mentoring