Review minutes for Sprint 20: 2016-01-15

Members present

  • Brylie Oxley
  • Taija Björklund
  • Vesa Härkönen

Item 762: Brylie giving review of updated contributing guide. Impressive new guide for new developers, including instructions about code quality.

Item 711:

PR merged.

Item 74;

Brylie showing new Branding page, but a demo effect bothers. Page does not load on develop branch on Brylie’s laptop.

722 Umbrella host closed

472 Metadata:

Brylie giving a UI demo:

General model given. Going through the fields in Metadata.

Metadata form demo on localhost.

Way to public view metadata and edit for managers.

Going through the changes. The work is still in progress.

Gode review of metadata.

518 API backlog:

API backlog feature UI review. LAF issues still.

Adding items to backlog works. Deleting works. Editing works.

595 ensure username:

Status: Code under a review.

Problems in Brylie’s local branch to demonstrate the progress.

And demo works. Brylie demonstrates how to create account with Github, and what happens if the Github name has already taken. User has to enter name, is Github (or coming name) is taken.


Update to font page. Front page is now alive, showing latest APIs - demoed by Brylie.


Brylie Giving a demo of branding work progress with task 625. Adding a logo demoed with most cool logo. Then Brylie is changing side title, and demo shows how well it works. Also site logan now customisable.

Changing colors does not yet work in this demo.

Branding now easy in every deployment.

Still some features to be implemented.