Mindtrek - APInf launch & workshop

When: tue 22nd of September, at 13-14.45.

Where: Sokos Hotel Torni, Tampere

Brainstorming workshop ideas

  • We have 1 h 45 mins. For introductions, launch and end discussions etc, we use at least 30 mins. So we have about 1 h - 1 h 15 mins effective workshop-time.

  • What we don't want?

  • Do we want their help in some issues? Do we want them just to know more about apinf? Do we want to teach something new?
  • Limited time
  • Discussion/brainstorming/ sharing ideas/ coding/ planning /pitching


Introduction (10 Minutes)

  • Presenter
  • Concept - e.g. API Proxy
  • Audience experience
    • Student?
    • Developer?
    • Administrator?
    • Manager?


Hands-on exercise

  • Design-first API sketch
    • Scenario (e.g. petshop)
  • API App mashup
    • App idea
    • Multiple API data-sources
    • Design-driven API mashup

Open Questions

  • Problems with APIs?



  • Code Sharing
  • Support requests
  • Documentation

Ice breaker

Experience with


Workshop Outline

Design Driven API