Offers a portfolio of products around API management, analytics, IoT, machine learning, etc. sourcecode

The platform is made up of over 20 products covering all major categories from integration and API management to identity and analytics.


Determine whether a given solution supports common features, such as:

  • Analytics - integrates with the WSO2 analytics platform, and provides out of the box reports and alerts, giving you instant insight into APIs behavior.
  • Availability -
  • Community - Developer Portal
  • > 5,000 questions on Stack Overflow
  • Deployment - public, private clouds, and hybrid implementations - Easily Deployable in Your Enterprise
  • Documentation - APIs can be documented, tagged, categorized, and tested right from the store itself
  • Load management - Manage and scale API Traffic
  • Monetization - Monitor and Monetize
  • Sandboxing - Publish APIs and Govern API Use
  • Security - Control Access and Enforce Security
  • Transformation - ?

Licensing & Openness

100% open source Apache License 2.0

Community involvement

Open Process

SaaS offering From 100$ (starter) to 10 000$ (extra-large)

Type of product

? Probably proxy or hybrid

Lifecycle management

Design and Prototype APIs Import Swagger 2.0 definition

Programming languages / technologies

Java based.


screenshot Pluggable, Extensible, and Themeable


Full open source, open development. Big community, mature company backing the product.


Analytics are fragmented across multiple screens. Java.

Located in US Docker image