2015-04-07 : Sprint 0 planning

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss Sprint practices and plan and assign the tasks for Sprint 0 (7th April - 18th April).


Practices: documentation and sprints


  • All documentation related to the project will be stored in Hackpad ()https://apinf.hackpad.com/).
  • Specifications will be created and edited in Hackpad, but once they are considered approved or finalised (definition to be decided) they will be moved to the Wiki section in the relevant APINF Github repositories ()https://github.com/apinf).


  • Sprints will take two weeks, starting on odd week Mondays and ending on even week Fridays (Note: week numbering according to the Finnish week numbering system. For 2015 week numbers see for example )http://viikkonumero.com/kalenteri#tällä).
  • Sprint planning meeting to be held on the first day of each sprint.
  • Sprint review and retrospective to be held on the last day of each sprint.
  • Rotate the responsibility for writing the minutes. Suggestion: in alphabetical order based on first names (Brylie, Illya, Taija, Vesa).
  • AP Taija Bjorklund: Create recurring meetings.


The following tasks were decided for Sprint 0.

Planning brainstorming session

Task is related to the user story#4: As a product owner, I want personas to be defined, so that I know for whom to create user stories (apinf/api umbrella dashboard#4)

The idea behind the user story is to ensure we will take the typical users into account when designing the product and create the requirements and user stories. This is done by identifying user groups, their needs and motives for using the product or service. Personas are fictional profiles and their purpose is to represent entire user groups. The fictional profiles typically have a name, age, needs, motives, dreams, fears, even hobbies. Personal should help us perceive the product from the user's perspective.

Task assigned to: Taija Bjorklund

Brainstorming session about personas

Task is related to the user story#4. For more information, see above.

Task assigned to: Taija Bjorklund

Document brainstorming session

Task is related to the user story#4. For more information, see above.

Task assigned to: Taija Bjorklund

Populate project backlog

The idea is to document the current understanding of the project goal, requirements and the related user stories to the backlog.

Task assigned to: Brylie Christopher Oxley.

Create baseline technical specification

Document our current understanding of the technology to be used.

Task assigned to: Illya Nizyev.