• Name: Aleksi Jokinen
  • Nationality: Finnish
  • Age: 30+
  • Expertise: Graduated in Computer Science from Tampere University of Technology; builds Android app
  • Occupation: Android Developer in "XYZ" Organization, GitHub community contributor
  • Hobbies: Playing Video Games and Cats


  • Likes to get notification when changes are made to API, especially documentation Updates and alerts when API goes down.
  • Usually uses an API based on the user ratings about its performance.
  • Prefers swagger documentation where he can try out methods.
  • Prefers to see content and actions related to the usage of an API in the same place in a clean and simple view.


Aleks decides to design an Android app.

The app would allow a user to set a 5-minute reminder for a preferred bus route. The user can select a bus route and preferred busstop based on the city s/he been living. The app is functional across Finland.

Aleks searches in google with "bussiaikataulu API" and sees that the search result is returning APIs designed specifically for Helsinki and Tampere city.

Aleks wants to add services of Turku as well, but don't see anything specific for the city in the search result. So he searches again with the keywords "bussiaikataulu rajapinta turku" and comes across the site "Föli", used to get timetables for buses in Turku. Going to this site, he discovers a link "Sovelluskehittäjille" that redirects him to the API Data Interface page. However, the page only gives the source of data with no provision to try out methods used in the API.

Aleks returns to the previous search result and goes to API Suomi to look for HSL API. However, he doesn't see any rating or review for the API. Also he can't find any swagger or link to any other documentation for the API.